Mississippi Engineering Schools & Degrees

There are only three schools in Mississippi that offer accredited engineering programs, for graduate or undergraduate education, so you may consider an online engineering school to get your engineering degree if you are located in Mississippi.

There is no single city in Mississippi that is most popular for engineering programs. Jackson State University is located in the capital city of Jackson, right downtown. The University of Mississippi is located outside the small town of Oxford, near the Tennessee border. Mississippi State University is located in the town of Starkville, which is located about a hundred and twenty-five miles outside the city of Jackson.

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Mississippi Engineering Schools to Consider

One option for an engineering school is Jackson State University. They have three engineering departments, all of which offer various Bachelor’s degrees in engineering. These departments are civil and environmental engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. The available engineering degrees from Jackson State University, in all three departments, are a Bachelor’s in civil engineering, a Bachelor’s in computer engineering, a Bachelor’s in computer science, a Master’s in engineering, and a Bachelor’s in telecommunications engineering.

The Bagley College of Engineering, at Mississippi State University, offers some of the best online engineering programs in the nation to earn a Master’s degree. They were ranked twenty-first in the nation by US News and World Report for online graduate engineering programs. They offer both online Master’s degrees and online Doctorates in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and systems engineering. They also offer a Master’s in engineering for those who want a non-specific engineering degree .

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Engineering in Mississippi

All three of the schools that offer engineering programs in Mississippi have Bachelor’s degree programs. Bagley College of Engineering, in addition to their excellent graduate programs, also have eight departments that offer undergraduate degrees as well. Within these departments, the degrees are a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, aB.S. in Biological Engineering,a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, a B.S. in Civil Engineering, a B.S. in Computer Engineering, a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, and a B.S. in Software Engineering.

Top Engineering Employers in Mississippi

Two top companies utilizing engineers are Howard Industries, Inc. and Lang H.D. and Associates.

Howard Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of electrical transmission and distribution parts used by utility companies as well as industrial and commercial companies globally. Some of their products including junction boxes, distribution transformers, voltage regulators, transformer components, power transformers and switching/sectionalizing cabinets, among others. Howard Industries has about 2,000 employees. Design engineers research and develop ideas for parts; software engineers ensure the programs and parts run smoothly, and quality assurance engineers ensure the parts are high quality and pass inspection.

Lang H.D. and Associates is a civil engineering and land surveying company located in Jackson, MS. Some of the services they provide include subdivisions, construction staking, land tile surveys, civil engineering, mapping, topographic surveys, site design and flood certifications. Their staff of about 20 includes mostly civil engineers and professional surveyors.

Accredited Mississippi Engineering Schools

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All ABET-Accredited Engineering Schools in Mississippi

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Engineering | BS - Computer Science | BS - Telecommunications Engineering

Jackson, MS 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Aerospace Engineering | BS - Biological Engineering | BS - Chemical Engineering | BS - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Engineering | BS - Computer Science | BS - Electrical Engineering | BS - Industrial Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering | BS - Software Engineering

Mississippi State, MS 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science

Itta Bena, MS 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Chemical Engineering | BS - Civil Engineering | BSCS - Computer Science | BS - Electrical Engineering | BS - Geological Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering

University, MS 

ABET-Accredited Programs: B.S. - Architectural Engineering Technology | B.S. - Computer Engineering Technology | BS - Computer Science | B.S. - Construction Engineering Technology | B.S. - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology | B.S. - Industrial Engineering Technology

Hattiesburg, MS 

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