Engineering Schools in Arizona

In an economy where STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs are valued more than ever, choosing an engineering major could be a smart move for both incoming college freshmen and students who have not declared their majors. Since the field of engineering is so vast, students interested in everything from computers to infrastructures to robotics and beyond can feed their intellectual appetites in this major.

There are only four ABET-accredited engineering schools in Arizona. The most prevalent programs across all universities in Arizona are within the Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering areas of study. The most widely offered engineering degree is a Bachelor's of Engineering, which is common nationwide.
Consider accredited online programs currently accepting applicants for their Engineering programs:

Online Engineering Degrees in Arizona

Engineering students in Arizona have a few options for online learning.

Undergraduate students can earn online degrees in Electrical Engineering or Engineering Management from Arizona State University.

Graduate students have more options when it comes to distance learning. The University of Arizona offers Master of Science and Master’s degrees in the following fields:

  • Engineering Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • J. David Lowell Master of Engineering in Mineral Resources
  • Mining and Geological Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

The University of Arizona also offers graduate certificates in four additional fields:

  • Geomechanics/Rock Mechanics
  • Mining Occupational Safety and Health
  • Mine Production and Information Technology
  • Systems Engineering

Campus Based Engineering Schools in Arizona

There are four colleges and universities in Arizona that offer engineering degrees for the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels:

  • University of Arizona (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate)
  • Northern Arizona University (Bachelor’s, Master’s)
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus (Bachelor’s)
  • Arizona State University (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate)

An engineering student who is planning to pursue their studies in Arizona has a plethora of options available. In addition to the old standbys such as studies in aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering, other areas of study that Arizona college students can partake in include Materials Science and Engineering at Arizona State University, Hydrology at the University of Arizona, and Software Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. However, Arizona engineering students should note that they have the opportunity to enroll in one of dozens of engineering majors in the state.

Popular Arizona Cities for Engineering Programs

Due to the sheer size of the program and its academic options for students at all levels, the answer to that question would probably be Tucson. Tucson is the home of the University of Arizona, which has 27 engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Another city with great academic options for future engineers is Tempe, the home of Arizona State University. This school has 15 degree programs in engineering, as well as eight concentration and specialization areas.

Top Engineering Employers in Arizona

Two engineering companies in Arizona are Arcadis/Malcolm Pirnie and HDR Engineering.

Arcadis/Malcolm Pirnie is a global consulting and engineering firm that specializes in water and environmental consulting and engineering. They design and build projects for government agencies and large companies with a focus on providing sustainability, mobility and a good quality of life. There are more than 74 civil, mechanical and project engineers making up the staff of more than 1,700 employees.

HDR Engineering is a consulting and engineering firm that designs and builds structures in various markets, including industrial, architecture, oil and gas, waste, mining and transportation. HDR Engineering employs over 200 people, 53 of which are software, mechanical and civil engineers. They focus on not only design and construction but on sustainability and the environment.

List of Accredited Engineering Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Campus Based ABET Accredited Programs
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Arizona State University
  • Aerospace Engineering, BSE
  • Biomedical Engineering, BSE
  • Chemical Engineering, BSE
  • Civil Engineering, BSE
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Computer Systems Engineering, BSE
  • Construction Engineering, BSE
  • Electrical Engineering, BSE
  • Electronic(s) Engineering Technology, BS
  • Engineering Management, BSE
  • Engineering, BSE
  • Industrial Engineering, BSE
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology, BS
  • Manufacturing Engineering, BS
  • Materials Science and Engineering, BSE
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSE
  • Software Engineering, B.S.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott
  • Aerospace Engineering, BSAE
  • Computer Engineering, BSCE
  • Electrical Engineering, BSEE
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSME
Northern Arizona University
  • Civil Engineering, BSE
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Electrical Engineering, BSE
  • Environmental Engineering, BSE
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSE
University of Arizona
  • Aerospace Engineering, BSAE
  • Biosystems Engineering, BSBE
  • Chemical Engineering, BSChE
  • Civil Engineering, BSCE
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, BSECE
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, BSECE
  • Engineering Management, BSEMgt
  • Industrial Engineering, BSIE
  • Industrial Hygiene, MPH
  • Materials Science and Engineering, BSMSE
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSME
  • Mining Engineering, BSMIE
  • Optical Sciences and Engineering, BSOE
  • Systems Engineering, BSSE

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