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The choice to pursue such an advanced degree is one that can be gratifying and providing through the course of a lifetime. People are choosing computer engineering degrees in order to provide themselves with career opportunities for years to come. Technology has increased the nation's use of gadgets over the last decade. With increasing dependence on computer systems, many people are finding it wise to pursue degrees in technology and most namely – computer engineering.

An Online Masters Degree in Computer Engineering may set the stage for extensive knowledge and expertise in the technological field. Computers have quickly become the face of communication, education, and even research over the past decade. The growing interest in these devices has created a whole new field for students to pursue when choosing an educational path.

Online Computer Engineering vs. Online Computer Science Degrees

Computer science and computer engineering both seem like completely reasonable degree choices for individuals seeking careers working with technology. However, there are remarkable differences and some similarities between the two fields. It is realistic to consider both of these branches as working hand-in-hand to create helpful technologies for computer systems.

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Computer Engineering

Computer engineering combines aspects of both computer science and electrical engineering within its curriculum. Starting with the basic hardware of computers, computer engineers learn the ins and outs of electrical components, processors, and memory – just to name a few.

Using this information, engineers can then relate this knowledge to the interpretation of software. Basically, computer engineers combine the knowledge of both hardware and software design in order to create individual systems or systems that integrate both.

Engineers may also take part in the creation of robotic devices as well as working with healthcare systems in the development in new and helpful health-related technologies. Computer science deals more with the communication and language of various computer systems.

Computer Science

In computer science degree programs, students learn the different algorithms for data processing and learn how to write software programs that can effectively communicate with one another for effective computer programs. The two fields definitely provide their own individual contributions to computer sciences as a whole.

Online Masters in Computer Engineering Prerequisites

The following is just a subset of prerequisites that many Online Computer Engineering Masters degree programs have, but it is not an extensive list. You need to be sure to check with any program you are considering, and ask what their specific prerequisites are. They could be similar to this list or have additions (or even subtractions).

Typically Prerequisites for the MS Computer Engineering

1. An Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science or Related Field
Before entering into an online Masters degree program in Computer Engineering, students should have some background knowledge into the computer engineering field. Most degree programs require that students have an undergraduate degree in computer science or engineering before being accepted into the master’s program.

2. Specific Credit Hours
One university providing an online Master’s in Computer Engineering requires that students complete 48 graduate credit hours prior to receiving a degree. Depending on a student’s specialty, course requirements may vary slightly, although there are foundation courses that are required regardless of focus.

3. SOMETIMES a GRE is Required for Some Programs
Some programs, but not all, require GRE test scores. However, some programs do not. Other MS in Computer Engineering programs Online may offer a GRE waiver – which is similar to testing out of the GRE. Be sure to check with the admissions department of the program you are interested in.

4. Reference Letters (sometimes)
As with many MBA or Masters programs, some Masters in Computer Engineering programs require reference letters. This is similar to having references for employment, and gives some credo to your work experience.

5. Desire, Ambition, and Motivation to Learn at the Graduate Level
The requirements for this degree program are set forth in order to help learners prepare for a fulfilling experience in graduate school. Those entering with basic knowledge of computer science and engineering are more likely to adapt to the learning environment quicker and gain more from their studies. Master’s programs such as these are designed to build upon existing knowledge and test the theories and information gained previously.

Why Consider a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering?

As the country continues to spiral into a completely technologically based existence, it is beneficial for individuals considering this degree path. In the years to come, professionals working in the field of computer engineering may find that their expertise is a needed quality throughout society.

The demand for educated engineering specialists should continually see growth with the rise in interest in computers and the information they can provide.

Changes related to computer systems are seen in vehicles, national security, and even personal-use devices. Since the rise in these technologies has caught on so quickly among residents, it is likely that this interest can only grow.

In recent years, the growth in robotics engineering, as well as the implementation of advanced computer hardware (see computer hardware degrees that are mostly Bachelors programs) has made it necessary for motivated computer engineers to enter the scene. New computer systems will constantly be released, marking the need for knowledgeable professionals in computer engineering. At the master’s level, graduates can potentially face a lifetime of career potential.

Online Masters Computer Engineering Courses

Online courses provide learners with more convenience and flexibility with scheduling. Courses listed as required for this degree program include Data Structures, which teaches students some basic data structure, algorithms, and introduces some basic software programming techniques, and Logic Design, which instructs students on the basic building blocks used in digital computers. Courses in circuitry and hardware systems are also common with this degree path.

Is a Masters in Computer Engineering Worth It?

Computer engineering can be a fascinating and fast-paced career choice for determined graduates. With the constant changes taking place during the digital area, the need for qualified engineers can only increase.

Salary for Master of Computer Engineering Graduate

From a financial standpoint, computer engineering ranks high among salaried employees in computer-related career fields. Working as a computer engineer can be a rewarding career full of maximum potential.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has provided data for computer engineers recently, showing a median income of $111,730 per year on average for professionals. With an online Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, professionals can potentially find a career as network administrators, providing corporate network services, keeping systems upgraded, and monitoring security. Software designer is another option for master’s level engineers, creating new and useful software to contribute to the fast-paced technological world.

Careers in Computer Engineering

Careers working with robotics and artificial intelligence are also on the rise, with engineers needed to plan and implement the creation of these products. Computer engineers may also provide their knowledge to research-related fields, in the testing and implementation of new and innovative computer technologies. Phone and computer technologies that are constantly being released are typically the result of hard working computer engineers within a team of developers.

The Computing Research Association, a large and renowned organization that promotes success for computer engineer and others within the computing community, provides up to date job listings for computer engineering specialists. Researching current job openings in a field can be a useful tool in guiding learners to a focus that is right for them. This CRA is a wealth of knowledge for professionals in this field, providing scholarly and peer reviewed articles and up to date news in computing.