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Individuals looking to get into engineering very quickly usually turn to an Associate's of Science in Engineering. There are numerous engineering schools that offer the degree, and most A.S. in Engineering programs are only 2 years (some are 3-year programs). Be sure to check with your schools you are talking with to figure out exact timeline expectations.

Most graduates with Associate's in Engineering degrees transition into the engineering field to get a job, and then also continue their education to get their Bachelor's in Engineering (click here for more info on a B.S. in Engineering).

See the list of Associate's in Engineering degrees below - you can click on any listing and directly contact the engineering program to get some information on their program. It is free to get the information, and you can figure out what their options are in terms of program length, any transition opportunities into bachelor's programs, as well as tuition costs and any internship or co-op expectations (most A.S. programs do not require one, but some do so be sure to check with the school).

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In an Associate’s program, you can expect to cover topics that are extremely specific to being in the engineering (and usually engineering technician) field. Of course your actual coursework will vary depending on your school and the type of engineering degree you pursue, but generally you learn engineering principles, study some form of math, calculus, and differential equations, and physics. These courses are all pretty common no matter what field of engineering you are in.