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An engineering project management degree or certificate is designed to help students learn the basic principles of complex engineering projects, project management methods, and project organization.

Upon successful completion of the program of study, students will have the ability to work on numerous multidisciplinary projects to make their products and services more efficient. Students should have the aptitude to obtain technical knowledge, management skills, and engineering skills.

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School Level Program Admissions

Purdue University

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In general, candidates for an engineering project management degree or certificate must be in good academic standing with their department.

In some instances, students are required to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher for related coursework for admission, but it depends on the program. They must meet all the requirements for admission to upper division in the student's major department.

Project Management vs. Engineering Management

Engineering management is a field of management that is focused on improving the management style of engineers. There are numerous engineering management degrees that can help you gain knowledge and skills necessary to excel in these roles. During the classes, students will learn to develop their industrial engineering skills, expertise, knowledge, and business and management techniques.

Project Management is more focused on managing the processes and people on a specific engineering project. For example, if an engineering firm is working on revamping part of a highway or interstate, they would need to work with multiple engineers: civil engineers, drafters, and possibly engineers that specialize in soil or sewer, depending on the location. The job of the PM (Project Manager) is to make sure all runs smoothly to complete the project on time.

Stanford University offers an advanced project management certification program. To enroll, students must already have three years of project management experience in the world. They must have effective team leadership skills and financial project management skills.

According to U.S. News and World Report in 2011, University of Virginia was ranked the second best public school in the United States. They were also ranked number 25 when comparing the national colleges.

DePaul University is located in Chicago and is one of the best colleges for project management.

NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate offers a Certificate of Project Management that can be earned online or on campus.

North Carolina State University at Raleigh – Students in this program of study will learn more about team relationships, project risk management, and project scheduling and budgeting. These courses are also offered online.

Sample Project Management Courses

The coursework varies based on the university program that you’re enrolled in online or on campus. Certificate programs require significantly less time to complete than degree programs. Some of the most common classes include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Feasibility
  • Project and Engineering Management
  • Legal Issues Related to PE&M
  • Financial Management of Tech Enterprises
  • Management, Economics, and Accounting
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Technology for Energy Conversion
  • Application and Design for Industrial Experiments
  • Managerial Communication for Project Managers
  • Technology for Renewable Energy
  • Energy for Sustainability
  • Indoor Environmental Management
  • Engineering Economic Analysis
  • Petroleum Project Evaluation

These are just a few classes that must be mastered in order to successfully practice in this field of study. Each university’s course offering will differ slightly, but the core concepts will be covered in all of the classes. Accreditation ensures that universities teach the same concepts to ensure students are prepared for the real world.

Top Project Management Concentrations

There are a number of concentrations associated with the field of project management. Engineering management is a common area of concentration associated with project management. With this field, students must master advanced project and personal management knowledge and skills. They must also manage engineering fields an engineering mathematics.

Other concentrations may include Chemical Engineering with Management, Mechanical Engineering and Business Management, and Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. There are other similar programs of study that can help students achieve proficiency in the field of management.

Business Administration with an engineering management option is another route to take to obtain the skills necessary to excel in this field. Many institutions will also offer dual-degree programs that will allow you to graduate with a degree in engineering and another one in management.

Project Management in Engineering – Career Choices

Degree holders will typically gain experience and apply it in the field of Engineering Project Management, Project Administrator, Senior Civil Engineer, Contracts Manager, Medical Procurement, and a variety of other career options. The route taken will depend on your specific skills and your level of expertise in a specific area.