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Most individuals (probably like you) pursuing a Master's in Engineering degree already have their Bachelor's degree in Engineering, and are looking to get a leg up on the inter-company competition by earning a Master's degree (click here to learn more about a BS in engineering).

A Master's degree, especially combined with the passing of your PE certification (Professional Engineer Certification) can give you a lot of credibility for clients and within your company. New positions from top to bottom should be opening up over the next decade, and having a graduate degree can help you stand out.

There are numerous options for getting a graduate degree as an engineer. The most obvious is a Master's in Engineering in your current field of engineering (Civil, Electrical, Computer/Software, etc.).

However, many engineers actually choose to earn a similar, but different degree, such as Engineering Management, Project Management, or even an MBA with a business, technology, or international focus. The main reason is that it provides a substantial level of diversity for you as you continue to move up in a company.

Most engineers pursuing a Master's degree in one of the aforementioned categories also take classes online or part-time. With computer accessibility basically being 100% for individuals holding Bachelor's degree, online graduate degrees are easily attainable.

View the master's in engineering degree programs below. Simply click on a listing and follow the steps to get in touch with the admissions department. Make sure you weigh your options in terms of program style and actual major - it is probably best to actually have a discussion with the engineering department for the schools you are interested in. Good luck with your Master's in Engineering!

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You can work on your own time, at your own pace, and still earn an ABET accredited degree. Nowadays with employers, online degrees from accredited universities hold the same value as an on-campus, traditional degree.

Types of Engineering Masters Degrees

Although most engineering fields do require bachelor’s degrees, some employers prefer their engineers have master degrees. Some engineers just prefer to advance and earn a master degree on their own to improve employment opportunities and increase earning potential. Whether you’re earning an engineering master’s degree to begin a career or for advancement, it’s important to choose a program that’s ABET-accredited. Below is an overview of master degree programs in a few different engineering fields.

Masters Degree in Computer Engineering

After studying computer engineering, engineers are prepared to design and install both computer hardware and software. Computer engineering master degree programs, like the one at Boston University, are offered through the electrical and computer engineering departments.

Students can choose from tracks in computer communications/networks; hardware; software; and cyber security. Although some graduate programs require a thesis, this particular program gives students the choice of doing a research-based thesis, a research project or a combination of both.

Masters Degree in Software Engineering

Engineers with bachelor degrees in software engineering often work as software engineers, computer software engineers or software developers. Many earn master degree for career advancement and may work as computer and information systems managers. Carnegie Mellon University is one of several colleges that offer programs to prepare students these careers. The integrated curriculum of coursework, hackathons and internships also prepare the student for doctoral degree programs. Course topics include foundations of software engineering; cloud computing; software architecture and design; wireless network security; mobile hardware for software engineers; and service-oriented.

Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering programs are offered at many colleges and may be offered as Master of Science programs or Master of Engineering programs, like the one at Boston University. BU’s program offers concentrations in signal processing and communications; solid-state circuits, devices, and materials; electromagnetics and photonics; systems and control; and bioelectrical. Electrical engineering courses include probability & statistical methods; digital signal processing; electromagnetic energy transmission; solar energy systems; wireless communications; and fiber optics communication systems.

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Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering degree programs are often offered as electrical and electronics engineering programs. However, electronics engineering is offered by itself at some schools like Norfolk State University. NSU offers a Master of Science in Electronics Engineering program with courses in research methods; communications systems engineering; microcontrollers; advanced digital design; electronics systems; analog integrated systems; and VLSI systems design. In addition to offering both a thesis or non-thesis option, this program offers concentrations in microelectronics; computer engineering; communications; optoelectronics; unrestricted electives controls; and computational processes.

Although electrical engineering, computer engineering and electronics engineering are all closely intertwined, they’re actually very different. Electrical engineers deal mostly with electrical systems while electronics engineers deal more with small electronic components and systems, and computer engineers can work with the computer hardware and software.

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Masters Degree in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are expected to see an employment growth of twenty percent from 2012-2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). High growth is even more possible for those who have master degrees. In fact, the bureau states that one in five civil engineers hold master degrees. Programs like the one at Cornell University prepare students to advance to careers as architectural and engineering managers.

Resulting in a Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering, this two-semester program requires students to complete a project as well as both major-related and supporting courses. Students can choose from concentrations in structural mechanics and materials; environmental fluid mechanics & hydrology; environmental processes; geotechnical engineering; and transportation systems engineering.

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Masters Degree in Project Management Engineering

Project management engineering programs prepare students for leadership positions in engineering projects, corporate management and especially construction projects. Project management programs like the one at University of California, Berkeley, are often offered through the civil and environmental engineering department because the areas of study are closely related. In addition to courses like law for engineers; civil systems and the environment; business fundamentals for engineering; lean construction concepts and methods; and technology and sustainability, students attend seminars and perform research on current problems. US -Berkeley graduate students may also receive fellowships.

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MBA in Engineering

MBA engineering programs are ideal for students who are interested in engineering but may also want careers in business, and these programs may be offered in a couple different ways. Some schools may offer a dual-degree program that allows students to earn a master degree in engineering and an MBA simultaneously. Other programs, like the one at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are aimed at individuals who already have an MBA and wish to earn a master’s degree in engineering.

MIT’s graduate program allows students to choose from several engineering fields. The curriculum is based on the student’s engineering choice. The student must complete a six-month internship and then complete a thesis based on what was learned in the program and during the internship.

Masters Degree in Engineering Management

Engineering management programs are for individuals who want careers in both engineering and management, and programs like the one at Duke University prepare the student for just such a career. This particular program also offers students a 4+1 option where they earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in engineering management.

This program has a variety of courses covering all areas in engineering and in management, including business law, marketing, innovation management, technology management, and engineering courses based on the student’s area of interest. Offered both online and on campus, this program also offers residency and internship options to students.

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Online Masters Degree in Engineering

Online engineering master degree programs are offered through many colleges and universities today. Some are 100% online and some may be hybrid. Distance learning programs usually allow work to be done over the Internet. Students in online programs like Penn State’s online program may have to complete a short residency online. Other schools like Purdue University offer online programs where students can stay at home and learn through streaming videos and similar learning materials.

Engineering Licensing

Depending on the type of engineering you choose, you may or may not be required to be licensed. Engineers who perform work for the public and/or have contracts with the government typically need to be licensed. Although requirements may vary from state to state, licensure is generally obtained by passing engineering licensing exams.

Master’s of Engineering Degree Impact on Career

Engineers overall can expect to see employment growth ranging from four percent (electrical and electronics engineering) to twenty percent (civil engineering) between 2012 and 2022, reported the BLS. Wages for engineers vary depending on the engineering field and the level of study. Engineers with master degrees typically earn higher wages and see better employment opportunities.

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