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Online Master of Science in Engineering with Certificate of Specialization in Engineering Management
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Purdue University

Online Master of Science in Engineering Technology
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Stevens Institute of Technology

Online Master of Engineering in Engineering Management
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There are a number of Engineering Management degrees online and at campuses across the US. There are many options for an Engineering Management Degree, especially in Information Technology, Engineering, and Project Management (the path many engineers take), as well as the MBA. However, the most common format is the online Masters in Engineering Management program.

Are there Online Engineering Management Degrees?

Yes, in fact, the online Masters in Engineering Management degree is one of the most widely offered engineering degree in an entirely online format. Because most of the coursework is theoretical and hypothetical, the classroom training is suitable for online studies. Students can view learn new ways to solve problems and also view hypothetical situations in real-time. Students can communicate with professors through chat rooms, email, and instant messaging. Technology management degrees online will focus on problem-solving and communication.

Online engineering management degrees are in high demand. Companies need trained engineers, and candidates need a program of study that will work around their current schedule. Most candidates for this program of study already have jobs in engineering and would rather not give up their income to pursue a degree. Students can study part-time without quitting their jobs. Most people who engage in e-learning and distance education are pleased with the outcome after they are hired in their respective fields. If you have an aptitude for problem-solving and retaining and applying scientific knowledge, engineering management is for you.

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Top colleges with engineering management degrees

There are a number of top universities that are recommended for this degree. Most of the ones listed here are in the top 50.

California State University

This school has eight lab facilities for graduate management students and is one of the best in the country.

Northeastern University

This college has a Engineering Management program for full-time and part-time on campus and online. There is a graduate certificate that is also offered in Boston.

Portland State University

The Department of Engineering and Technology Management at Portland State University is known for working closely with Engineering Technology Management Advisory Council (ETMAC), which is a group comprised of local industry professionals.

University of Arizona

The Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering at this particular school supports over ten different areas of research.

What can you do with an engineering management degree?

Degree holders can expect to work as engineering managers in a variety of fields. Industrial engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and civil engineering companies all need engineering managers. These people can work as an engineering project manager, a senior lead analyst, a core systems analyst, and a construction management engineer.

People in engineering management have been known to use their leadership skills and knowledge to become better leaders and entrepreneurs. Many engineers that are already in the engineering field and holding a bachelor’s in engineering degree decide to continue their education, earn a Master’s in Engineering Management, and further their engineering career down the management path.

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Top courses for engineering management degrees

According to the American Society for Engineering Management Journal, most engineering management courses focus on several core components of management within engineering: Strategic (business and operations management), Core (project management, systems engineering/technology), Enabling (quantitative methodology and modeling, information management), and Perspectives of the Profession (past, present, future of engineering management).

Students who want to enter this field should possess a love for solving challenging problems and have the ability visualize solutions with advanced technology, computer modeling, and other design tools. They should also have strong scores on standardized tests such as the SAT. The ability to apply abstract thought problem-solving is also instrumental to being successful in the field. If you’re interested in the field, here are some things you need to know.

Engineering Management Degree Overview

Enroll in engineering management classes, and you’ll learn about production processes, workforce reliability, product development, and materials management. In order to enter this program of study, a candidate should not only have strong math and science skills, but they should also be able to relate to their colleagues and subordinates. Candidates who are successful in the field typically have a master’s degree and exceptional communications skills.

Courses in Engineering Management

What are some of the classes that someone pursuing an engineering management degree might take? There are a variety of classes that a person may take in order to be successful in the field of engineering management. Here is a brief list and synopsis of the classes:

  • Managerial Science: This field of study will help a student build a strong foundation in engineering management fundamentals.
  • Marketing: Students will learn how to gain more exposure for their products and services. They will learn common business practices and skills.
  • Accounting: Students will learn the basic strategies of money management. The daily accounting processes that keep the business operating efficiently will be explored also.
  • Materials Handling and Plant Layout: Students will gain first-hand knowledge of the systems that process products during the work day. Then, each process will be evaluated for the success of the overall operation.
  • Computer Science: Information technology will play a vital role in most industries. This course will prepare engineering managers to incorporate IT principles in their daily operations.
  • Physics and Chemistry: These courses are important to teach students the proper understanding of how engineering works and how theories are applied to daily tasks.
  • Systems Engineering: This course will allow students to study the processes and systems that allow engineering mechanisms to function daily.

Concentrations for Engineering Management Degrees

Some of the common concentrations for engineering management include:

  • Crisis, Emergency, and Risk Management – Crisis managers use advanced computer models to reduce risk and prevent catastrophic events.
  • Economics, Finance, and Cost Accounting – Engineering managers must use communications to find new processes to automate or streamline procedures.
  • Engineering and Technology Management – Many engineers used their skills to obtain higher paying engineering jobs. This profession requires an understanding of best practices for leadership and staff development.
  • Environmental and Energy Management – Oil prices have fueled the interest in this particular industry. These specialists travel the world to develop new systems from renewable energy sources in addition to wind and water.
  • Information Security Management – Industrial espionage is rampant. That’s why it’s important for engineering managers to know how to protect intellectual property using encryption and diversion.
  • Knowledge Management – Collaboration is the foundation of knowledge management. This will help people to keep their team members informed about projects.
  • Management and Reliability of Infrastructure Systems – This particular profession will allow engineering managers the ability to maximize taxpayer investment by managing the operation of power lines, dams, and drawbridges.
  • Operations Research and Management Science – Engineering managers have the ability to analyze how companies communicate in order to make it more efficient.
  • Software Engineering and Information Systems Management – Complex software engineering requires teams of skilled programmers.

Careers for Degree Holders in Engineering Management

Engineering management is a field that is growing in demand. In fact, it is exhibiting one of the highest salary increases in the country and has regained ground after the economic difficulty in the United States.

It’s possible with to obtain a degree in engineering management without entering an office or a lab. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that students with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering have some of the highest salaries in the country, and they generally have a high job satisfaction rate.