Nebraska Engineering Degree Programs & Schools

For aspiring engineers looking for an education in Nebraska, the two cities with the most to offer are Omaha and Lincoln. Of the 6 colleges that offer accredited engineering programs in the state, 4 of them are located in these cities.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers by far the most engineering programs, boasting 15 accredited programs whereas the University of Nebraska – Lincoln offers 8. Not to be outdone by the larger universities, however, there are also 4 Community Colleges that also offer accredited engineering programs, however most of these are associates degrees rather than bachelors or masters degree programs.

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The University of Nebraska -Lincoln offers bachelors and masters level programs for biological systems engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, civil engineering and computer and electronics engineering, as well as computer science and engineering, architectural engineering and construction, electrical engineering, and mechanical and materials engineering.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers the following list of engineering programs via UNL: Architectural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer and Electronics Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, Construction Management, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fire Protection Technology, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Community Colleges in Nebraska with Engineering Degrees

Of the community colleges that offer accredited engineering courses, two (Western Nebraska community College and Northeast Community College offer engineering transfer study to the university level, and Union College in Lincoln offers an Associates of Science (2-year) degree. Of the 4, only Metropolitan Community College – Omaha offers bachelors degrees, and they offer them in numerous engineering fields.

As for online engineering degrees, the 6 schools vary greatly in their offerings. For example, the University of Nebraska at Omaha has highly rated online degrees in public administration and a few in general studies, but nothing much in engineering, according to their website.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a Bachelors of Applied Science program online, however most of the degrees are related to agriculture.

The University of Nebraska –Lincoln offers both bachelors and masters degrees online, but none in engineering.

Northeast Community College doesn’t offer any degree programs related to engineering.

Metropolitan Community College- Omaha has some of its engineering courses online for credit, but the only engineering related online degrees seem to be in the medical field and in information technology.

Top Engineering Employers in Nebraska

Two large engineering companies located in Nebraska are R.W. Engineering and Surveying Inc. and Farris Engineering.

R.W. Engineering and Surveying Inc. is an engineering and surveying company that focuses on four main areas: civil engineering, surveying, construction administration and GPS machine-controlled modeling. Within each area are various services they provide. For instance, civil engineering offers parks and recreation design, site design and roadway design. R.W. Engineering provides full-service operation from concept right through to the completion and inspection. The staff includes land surveyors, engineering, surveying and CAD technicians and one civil engineer.

Farris Engineering is an employee-owned engineering firm that provides electrical, mechanical and fire protection consulting engineering services as well as lighting design, commissioning, engineering design, surveys, mechanical and electrical engineering, and technology. Farris has four office locations with the headquarters in Omaha. The firm has 48 employees, many which are electrical or mechanical engineers, geothermal designers or certified lighting designers.

Accredited Nebraska Engineering Schools

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All ABET-Accredited Engineering Schools in Nebraska

ABET-Accredited Programs: BSAE - Agricultural Engineering | MAE - Architectural Engineering | BSBS - Biological Systems Engineering | BSCH - Chemical Engineering | BSCE - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Engineering | BSCP - Computer Engineering | BS - Computer Science | BS - Construction Engineering | BS - Electrical Engineering | BS - Electronic Engineering | BS - Industrial Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering

Lincoln, NE 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science | BS - Management Information Systems

Omaha, NE 

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