Engineering Schools in South Carolina

If you are interested in applying for admission to an engineering program in South Carolina, you will be pleased to learn that there are numerous undergraduate and graduate programs available at several dozen schools throughout the state. Many of these programs are located in or close to major cities, such as Columbia and Charleston. With a closer look at what these programs are, you may find the ideal program for your needs.

Altogether, there are a total of 31 schools that offer engineering programs in the state. There are 28 undergraduate engineering programs at both public and private schools, and there are 10 graduate programs. In both undergraduate and graduate programs across the state, the average classroom size across all accredited institutions is 19 students.

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Review of Engineering Schools in South Carolina

The University of South Carolina in Columbia has the largest engineering school, with a total of more than 34,000 students. At this school, the College of Engineering and Information Technology has approximately 1,300 undergraduate students enrolled and approximately 400 graduate students.

These students have six engineering programs to choose from, including biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, and civil and environment engineering.

Associate’s and Certificates Engineering Degrees in South Carolina

If you are interested in obtaining an associate’s degree or a certification in engineering, you can choose from programs at 15 technical and community colleges. One of these schools is the Trident Technical College, located in Charleston. This school offers certifications in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering through its Industrial and Engineering Technology division.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Engineering in SC

If you are searching for an undergraduate degree program at a public school, you will have six universities to consider enrolling in. Some of these include the University of South Carolina, the Citadel, Clemson University and South Carolina State University.

The Citadel has 370 undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Engineering, and it offers programs in civil and environmental engineering as well as electrical and computer engineering. At Clemson University, there are 3,200 undergraduate students and 750 graduate students enrolled in the College of Engineering and Science.

Programs available at Clemson include those in agricultural and bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering and others.

If you are interested in pursuing a higher level of education by working toward a Master’s degree in engineering, you will be able to consider enrolling in schools like the Citadel, Clemson University and the University of South Carolina.

Top Engineering Employers in South Carolina

Three of the top companies utilizing engineers in South Carolina are BMW Manufacturing, Sonoco Products Company and Robert Bosch LLC.

BMW Manufacturing is an auto manufacture and assembly facility that designs, builds and markets BMW vehicles. They also specialize in customizing vehicles for clients. The South Carolina branch provides service and products to 40 suppliers. Of the more than 5,000 employees working for BMW, many are engineers in various fields, including mechanical, electrical and project. BMW also offers a project management program for engineers that wish to focus on a specific area of BMW production.

Sonoco Products Company is an international provider of consumer packaging, protective packaging and industrial products as well as the world’s largest producer of composite cans, tubes and cores. Although they have 335 locations worldwide, the headquarters in SC houses about 2,000 employees. R& D engineers research product and identify new product potentials while process engineers oversee the actual production of their products.

Robert Bosch LLC is a company that manufacturers and markets automotive new and after-market parts, industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology. Some of their products include security systems, solar energy systems, power tools, household appliances, gasoline systems, chassis systems, packaging supplies and healthcare telecommunications systems. Of the more than 2,000 employees, many are systems, manufacturing and research engineers.

Accredited South Carolina Engineering Schools

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All ABET-Accredited Engineering Schools in South Carolina

ABET-Accredited Programs: B.S. - Engineering

Greenville, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: B.S. - Bioengineering | BS - Biosystems Engineering | BS - Ceramic and Materials Engineering | BS - Chemical Engineering | BS - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Engineering | BS - Computer Science | BS - Electrical Engineering | MS - Environmental Engineering and Science (Environmental Health Physics) | BS - Industrial Engineering | BS - Materials Science and Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering

Clemson, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: B.S. - Computer Science | BS - Computer Science Theoretical Option

Conway, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science

Charleston, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AS - ElectroMechanical Engineering Technology

Denmark, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AS - Architectural Engineering Technology | AS - Construction Engineering Technology | AS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology | AS - Engineering Graphics Technology | AS - Geomatics Technology | AS - Mechanical Engineering Technology

Greenville, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AAS - Civil Engineering Technology

Conway, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AAS - Architectural Engineering Technology | AAS - Civil Engineering Technology | AAS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology

Columbia, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AAS - Electronics Engineering Technology

Orangeburg, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology | AS - Engineering Graphics Technology

Greenwood, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Civil Engineering Technology | BS - Computer Science | BS - Electrical Engineering Technology | BS - Industrial Engineering Technology | BS - Mechanical Engineering Technology | BS - Nuclear Engineering

Orangeburg, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology

Spartanburg, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BSCE - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Science | BSEE - Electrical Engineering

Charleston, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Biomedical Engineering | BSE - Chemical Engineering | BSE - Civil Engineering | BSE - Computer Engineering | BS - Computer Information Systems | BSCS - Computer Science | BSE - Electrical Engineering | BSE - Mechanical Engineering

Columbia, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science | BS - Engineering Technology Management

Spartanburg, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science

Rock Hill, SC 

ABET-Accredited Programs: AAS - Computer Engineering Technology | AAS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology | AAS - Engineering Graphics Technology | AAS - Mechanical Engineering Technology

Rock Hill, SC 

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