Washington Engineering Schools & Degrees

These days, many Washington students are interested in pursuing a career in engineering. If this is your vocational objective, you should note that enrolling in a high quality engineering school in Washington can be your first step towards long-term professional success. At this point, there are 21 accredited engineering programs in the state of Washington. To learn more about the educational options for engineering, read the information offered in the subsequent paragraphs.

There are a plethora of distinct engineering programs that an individual can enroll in within the state of Washington. Individuals who have given serious consideration to attending an engineering school in Washington are likely interested in learning which cities with engineering schools are most popular. One of the most popular cities would be Spokane, which is home to Gonzaga University. Another popular city would be Tacoma, which is where Pacific Lutheran University is located.

Featured Washington Engineering Programs

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Engineering Schools in Washington to Consider

One example would be Bellevue College’s Associate in Science Track II: MRP* Electrical & Computer Engineering. Another example would be Central Washington University’s Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction program.

Some of the program options include Construction Management, Electronics Engineering Technology, Technology Education, Industrial Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, MS in Engineering Technology, and Safety and Health Management. Additionally, Centralia College offers an Associate in Technical Arts–Civil Engineering Technology program.

Online Engineering Degrees in Washington

As many education experts know, the year 2015 will present students in Washington with a plethora of online learning opportunities.

If you are interested in pursuing an education in engineering online, one option is the University of Washington’s Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Another option is Bellevue College, which offers an online program called Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) Program.

Careers in Engineering for Washington Residents

One important matter that individuals who want to pursue a career in engineering should consider is the type of salary they can expect to earn. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals who opt to become civil engineers earn an average annual salary of $79,340 per year or $38.14 per hour.

At the same time, those who choose to pursue work as Architectural and Engineering Managers can expect to bring in $124,870 per year or $60.03 per hour.

Top Engineering Employers in Washington

AHBL and Strattus Automation Corporation are two engineering companies in Washington.

AHBL is a design firm that offers a variety of services to both the public and private services, including structural engineering, surveying, landscape architecture and land use planning. They have done landscaping on golf courses, built schools, designed botanical gardens and assisted in the construction of roadways. About 100 people are employed at AHBL, many of them civil and structural engineers.

Strattus Automation Corporation is a business that provides custom automated and equipment integrated services for high technology companies. They design and build custom robotics, carrier equipment and PC-based control systems and also specialize in laser and optical system integration, vision system integration and laser processing. SAC utilizes software engineers to ensure the programs operate efficiently and mechanical engineers design the programs and drawings. They have approximately 20 employees.

Accredited Washington Engineering Schools

Featured Online Schools with Engineering-related Programs accepting applicants from Washington
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All ABET-Accredited Engineering Schools in Washington

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology | BS - Mechanical Engineering Technology

Ellensburg, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science | BS - Electrical Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering Technology | B.S. - Mechanical Engineering

Cheney, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Engineering | BS - Electrical Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering

Spokane, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Engineering | BS - Computer Science

Tacoma, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Civil Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering

Lacey, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Electrical Engineering

Seattle, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BSCE - Civil Engineering | BSEE - Electrical Engineering | BSME - Mechanical Engineering

Seattle, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BSAAE - Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering | BSBIOE - Bioengineering | B.S. - Bioresource Science and Engineering | BSChE - Chemical Engineering | BSCE - Civil Engineering | BSCompE - Computer Engineering | BSEE - Electrical Engineering | BSIE - Industrial Engineering | BSMSE - Materials Science and Engineering | BSME - Mechanical Engineering

Seattle, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: B.S.E.E. - Electrical Engineering

Bothell, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: B.S. - Computer Engineering and Systems | B.S. - Computer Engineering and Systems

Tacoma, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BSE - Engineering

College Place, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Bioengineering | BS - Chemical Engineering | BS - Civil Engineering | BS - Computer Engineering | BA - Computer Science | BS - Computer Science | BS - Electrical Engineering | BS - Materials Science and Engineering | BS - Mechanical Engineering

Pullman, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science | BS - Mechanical Engineering

Vancouver, WA 

ABET-Accredited Programs: BS - Computer Science | BS - Electronic(s) Engineering Technology | BS - Manufacturing Engineering Technology | BS - Plastics Engineering Technology

Bellingham, WA 

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