Engineering Schools in Maine

Consider accredited online programs currently accepting applicants for their Engineering programs:

With three accredited engineering schools, the Pine Tree State is not necessarily the first place that comes to mind for most aspiring engineers. However, Mainers can also find fulfilling options to study a wide range of engineering specialties in-state.

Engineering Schools in Maine

Among the options, Maine Maritime Academy, the University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine all award engineering degrees accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The University of Maine is located in Bangor and the Maine Maritime Academy is situated in the coastal town of Castine, about an hour south of Bangor. For a school further south, the University of Southern Maine is located in Portland.

Maine Maritime Academy offers a range of engineering programs, including marine systems engineering, with either the license or the non-license track; marine engineering technology; power engineering technology; marine engineering operations; and power engineering operations.

The Maine Maritime Academy does not have any master’s programs in engineering, though they do offer online graduate programs in affiliated programs, such as maritime logistics and management.

At the University of Maine, engineering students may major in chemical and biological engineering; civil and environmental engineering; electrical and computer engineering; engineering physics; and mechanical engineering. The graduate program offers master’s programs and PhD-level studies in all of the same specializations, except environmental engineering.

The University of Southern Maine offers a BS in electrical or mechanical engineering, as well as a transfer program in engineering. This last option allows students to begin taking engineering courses at the University of Southern Maine and later to transfer to complete their degree at any another accredited engineering program in the country.

Online Engineering Degrees in Maine

If you are considering an online engineering degree program, the University of Maine is an option. The University of Maine College of Engineering offers a full roster of online courses every semester, open to both degree and non-degree students. Otherwise you will need to take a look at out-of-state online engineering colleges – many of which have the same tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students.

Community Colleges offering Engineering Degree Options in Maine

Besides Maine’s three fully accredited programs in engineering, students who are interested in engineering may begin on their path of engineering studies at several other Maine institutions, such as community colleges. For example, Eastern Maine Community College offers an Associate in Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology.

Bates College, a competitive liberal arts school, offers a “combined plan” degree in liberal arts and engineering. After completing such programs, students may be qualified to enter directly into the second or third year of engineering programs elsewhere. Beginning one’s studies at a community college may provide a smooth transition for students with little academic experience, before enrolling in a more demanding program elsewhere. By contrast, the Bates College program is aimed at top-tier students interested in a well-rounded liberal arts education alongside engineering studies.

Top Engineering Employers in Maine

One of the top engineering firms is Maine is Burns & McDowell.

Burns & McDowell is a 100 percent employee-owned engineering company that offers engineering, consulting, construction, architecture and environmental solutions. In addition to offering engineering, Burns & McDowell offers services in these areas: aviation, air quality control, federal and military, energy services, healthcare facilities, sustainability, information technology and transportation, among many more. The staff at Burns & McDowell includes engineers in various disciplines. The GE Advanced Technology & Research Centre and the Iatan Generation Station are two projects completed by Burns & McDowell.

List of Accredited Engineering Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Campus Based ABET Accredited Programs
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Maine Maritime Academy
  • Marine Engineering Technology, BS
  • Marine Systems Engineering, BS
  • Power Engineering Technology, BS
University of Maine
  • Bioengineering, B.S.
  • Chemical Engineering, BS
  • Civil Engineering, BS
  • Computer Engineering, BS
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Construction Management Technology, BS
  • Electrical Engineering Technology, BS
  • Electrical Engineering, BS
  • Engineering Physics, BS
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS
  • Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • Surveying Engineering Technology, BS
University of Southern Maine
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Electrical Engineering, BS
  • Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E.

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