Nevada Engineering Schools

Nevada is one of the smallest states in terms of population, yet it has many choices for engineering. The state boasts 14 university level schools. However, there are only three universities with engineering programs that are accredited by ABET (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

Despite the overall limited number of options, Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's-level engineering programs are available at universities with campus locations in the state of Nevada. If you are looking for more flexibility or live far away from any of the institutions accredited by ABET, you might consider online options. Nowadays the programs are similar, if not identical, and the institutions can be just as highly regarded as the campus locations.
Consider accredited online programs currently accepting applicants for their Engineering programs:

Engineering Universities in Nevada

University of Nevada, Reno, a public state school, is the largest schools for engineering in Nevada. The Reno campus is large and takes up a good portion of the city of Reno. It’s on the other end of the main street away from the casinos. At this university, there is a choice of 34 engineering majors. Some majors, such as aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, and physical engineering are only offered at this school. It is also one of the two schools in Nevada that offer environmental engineering. This school also offers Masters and PhDs in engineering. This school’s stately sorority and fraternity homes stand out on Reno’s main street.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is another campus of the state University of Nevada. This campus offers a choice of 14 engineering majors, including environmental engineering, industrial engineering and biomedical engineering. The campus is located away from the casino area on the edge of the city of Las Vegas. This is the only other campus in Nevada to offer masters and PhDs in engineering.

ITT Technical Institute has multiple locations in Las Vegas and Henderson. ITT is a private, technical institute located in eastern Nevada. This school offers 4 engineering majors and accepts international students. Henderson is a small town that offers winter and summer resorts along with a casino area. Many students enjoy Henderson’s homey appeal and small school style. The Las Vegas campus of ITT offers 4 engineering majors and accepts out of state students. This private school also offers two-year degrees in engineering as well as its four-year degrees. It is located in downtown Las Vegas and is a small school with less than 1,000 students.

College of Southern Nevada is a private college located in Las Vegas and has 12 engineering majors. It features Engineering Technology, Draft and Design Engineering and Electrical Engineering. This college is located outside of the city of Las Vegas. Its smaller campus, classes and student body are popular with many engineering students.

Great Basin College is a private college and features 4 engineering majors. Located in Elko, in Nevada’s Great Basin, this school is in Nevada’s other large city. This area is famous for ranches and the military bases near the city. Elko is a modern city that is becoming a great residential area for workers and students in this area.

Top Engineering Employers in Nevada

Two of the largest companies using engineers are Sierra Nevada Corporation and Dwyer Engineering.

Sierra Nevada Corporation is a systems integrator and electronics systems provider that specializes in microsatellites and commercial orbital transportation services. Sierra Nevada Corporation manufactures many products for the military and the U.S. government, including a recent contract for the U.S. Department of Defense. There are more than 3,000 people employed at Sierra Nevada. They utilize the services of electrical and system engineers.

Dwyer Engineering is an engineering company that provides a variety of civil engineering and surveying services. They specialize in utility infrastructure and design, construction management, off-site improvements, design-build projects, retaining wall design, finished floor certification, land surveying, street improvements, mining claims and boundary surveys. Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Apex Power Plant and Desert Oaks Plaza are a few of the projects in which they’ve provided services. They have a small staff of less than 20 employees and utilize structural and civil engineers.

List of Accredited Engineering Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Campus Based ABET Accredited Programs
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
College of Southern Nevada
North Las Vegas NV
  • Electronic Engineering Technology with Telecommunications Emphasis, AAS
  • Electronic Engineering Technology, AAS
  • Engineering Technology - Electronics Emphasis, AAS
  • Engineering Technology - Telecommunications Emphasis, AAS
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Civil Engineering, BSE
  • Computer Engineering, BSE
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Electrical Engineering, BSE
  • Health Physics - Environmental Health Physics Option, MS
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSE
University of Nevada, Reno
  • Chemical Engineering, BS
  • Civil Engineering, BS
  • Computer Science and Engineering, B.S.
  • Computer Science and Engineering, B.S.
  • Electrical Engineering, BS
  • Environmental Engineering, BS
  • Geological Engineering, BS
  • Materials Science and Engineering, BS
  • Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • Mining Engineering, BS

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