Engineering Schools in New Hampshire

There are a number of options for engineering schools in New Hampshire. With multiple degree offerings, from five Associate's and Certificate in Engineering options at community colleges to Ivy League universities, you can choose good preparatory steps toward a degree.

The University of New Hampshire, Keene State College or Dartmouth College, an Ivy League Institution, are a couple choices. You might also consider the private institution Anslem College, which offers undergraduate degrees in Engineering, or Daniel Webster College which has a strong Aerospace Engineering program.

Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire, and home to one center of the University of New Hampshire. As such, it may have the most to offer in terms of non-collegiate entertainment and recreation. Hanover is the site of Dartmouth College, and like New Haven, CT and Providence, RI is often seen as a "college town." The other University of New Hampshire complex is located in Durham, which is a smaller metropolis than Manchester and the Engineering Program central hub.
Consider accredited online programs currently accepting applicants for their Engineering programs:

Online Engineering Degrees at New Hampshire Universities

Online education in engineering is scarce in New Hampshire. There are some options for courses through Daniel Webster College and the main campus of the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Unfortunately, they do not offer degree programs in Engineering online, although they have a compelling virtual library. The University of New Hampshire offers online courses in engineering, but one cannot earn a complete engineering degree online at UNH.

Graduate Engineering Degrees in New Hampshire

Masters level programs exist at all of the above mentioned schools, with the exception of the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. To pursue a Masters level program through the University of New Hampshire, one must attend the central hub at Durham.

The University of New Hampshire offers everything from undergraduate to Doctoral degrees in engineering, with a student population of about 1,100 students in the Engineering department. Dartmouth College was founded in 1769, and as a private institution comes with a larger cost. It has about 570 students in the department, 300 of whom are studying for their undergraduate degree. These are both accredited schools, as are the others mentioned above.

Outlook for Engineers in New Hampshire

Engineering can be a lucrative and rewarding career for people who have the right aptitude for science and mathematics. Mechanical Engineers, for example, have a median salary of as much as $82,000 per year (according to ONET). It is important to keep in mind however that the work is exacting and detailed, and certainly requires the right credentials to guarantee success.

Top Engineering Employers in New Hampshire

One of the top engineering companies in New Hampshire is EVS Metal.

EVS Metal is a certified engineering company that provides mechanical engineering and design services. In addition to creating blue prints, designs and drawings, they create products like panels, brackets, card cages, chassis, enclosures and electro-mechanical assemblies. EVS Metal services various markets, including medical, transportation, consumer electronics, telecommunications, oil extraction industries and gaming industries. Electrical and mechanical engineers play a large part in the design and production of EVS Metal’s products and services. There are about 100 people employed at this plant.

List of Accredited Engineering Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Campus Based ABET Accredited Programs
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Daniel Webster College
  • Aeronautical Engineering, BS
  • Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E.
Dartmouth College
  • Engineering, BE
Nashua Community College
  • Electronic Engineering Technology, A.S.
NHTI-Concord's Community College
  • Architectural Engineering Technology, AS
  • Computer Engineering Technology, AS
  • Electronic(s) Engineering Technology, AS
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology, AS
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology, AS
University of New Hampshire
  • Chemical Engineering, BSChE
  • Civil Engineering, BS
  • Computer Engineering, BSCE
  • Computer Science Bioinformatics, BS
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Manchester), BSET
  • Electrical Engineering, BS
  • Environmental Engineering, BS
  • Information Technology, BSIT
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manchester), BSET
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSME

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