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As new and emerging technology continues to develop within computer systems, a degree in cybersecurity has become more common. Earning the degree will give you skills and knowledge regarding data and network protection.

We all know how important it is to safeguard your information when using computers and the internet. Since society has grown so dependent on the internet for everyday function, sectors of computer science are required to ensure that we are all safe from unwanted viruses and hackers. In recent years, the trend towards increased cyber security has caused a growth in Cybersecurity degree programs. If this is the program that you are interested in becoming a part of, then you have made a great choice.

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Cybersecurity degrees can be found in different formats. Undergraduate programs are available with focus on computer network security and cyber security in general, management and policy in cyber security, and secure software development. Since all 3 of these aspects play such important roles in the greater cyber security picture, choosing any of them can prove to be a smart educational move. Our experts have decades of experience with research in education and have worked hard to provide you with this relevant and reliable guide to cyber security programs throughout the United States.

Common Cybersecurity Degrees

We jump into a sampling of the different kinds of degrees you will see commonly offered (many in an online format). It should be noted that many schools will have different naming conventions or very unique degrees within cyber security. These are just some more of the common degrees you might expect.

Types and Levels of Cybersecurity Degrees

BS in Cybersecurity

The BS in Cybersecurity degree teaches students the basics surrounding security as a whole. Online programs can be completed in 3-4 years on average, depending on the density of scheduling.

Online BS in Cybersecurity – Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation

This specialty degree programs focuses on the investigation of unwanted cyber attacks from an internal standpoint. If you decide to be a part of this degree program, you could be an important part of investigative teams, law enforcement, or research studies.

BS in Cybersecurity – Information Assurance

Information assurance is a specialty may require you to take aim at assuring the quality of network systems. The course work in this degree program aims to educate students on the importance of reliable information storage and protection.

MBA in Cybersecurity

If you are interested in combining aspects of business and finance with cyber security, than the MBA in Cybersecurity may be right for you. This newly listed program provided business-minded students with the opportunity to advance their holdings in business with a cyber security specialty.

Online MS in Cybersecurity

The online MS in Cybersecurity is an excellent degree program for students that have already obtained undergraduate degrees in computer science, engineering, or cybersecurity. This program focuses on advanced learning in computer information systems and the software that is designed to protect personal information.

MS in Cyber Operations

Cyber operations is a specialty track for the MS in Cybersecurity and offers students the opportunity to dig deep into the minds of hackers and other individuals that pose a risk to cyber security. If you have an investigative personality, specialty degree programs like this one may be the right option for you.

Unique Aspects of Cyber Security Degrees and Jobs

If you choose to pursue a degree in cyber security, it is safe to say that you could potentially find work in almost any field. Most companies rely on complex information systems to perform everyday functions. With the use of these systems, there is always a risk of cyber attacks and other potentially harmful and invasive situations.

As a professional in this field, you could be highly desired to assist with protected information systems in the event that there is a risk. After researching this career field, we have found some interesting aspects of this field that you may find intriguing.

  • May work in classified settings such as with the military and national government
  • Sometimes required to pass security clearances
  • May require advanced training – some employers may offer tuition assistance
  • Called upon during tense situations of high-importance
  • Can be contracted by several entities at one time

National Needs for Cyber Security Degrees

With dependence on information systems on the rise, cyber security is a field that has received a lot of promotion in the last decade. The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies is a system designed to help interested prospects find degree programs and careers related to cyber security across the country.

The Department of Homeland Security sponsors this program in an attempt to bring attention to this field as a national need. The organization itself recognizes that the growth in technological advancement has sparked the need for a properly trained workforce to assist with the protection of sensitive information for individuals and large entities alike.

If you are interested in learning more about different educational programs, training, or employment opportunities, than the NICC is a great resource.

Careers Options & Job Outlook

A cyber security degree is dynamic and it shouldn’t surprise you that potential career titles and responsibilities can be dynamic as well. We wanted to break down some of those potential career options and their expected job growth in the coming years.

Forensic Science Technician

As a forensic science technician, you may play a leading role in criminal investigations. On a regular day, you may perform investigations on computers or other electronic devices to gather evidence that are vital to solving a wide variety of crimes.

  • Salary – $56,320 on average per year (BLS; 2015).
  • Growth – 27% from 2014-2024 (BLS; 2015).

You are likely to perform crime scene analysis as well as laboratory tests while involved in this career. This career field is not limited to cyber crimes.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts work hard to design, create, and monitor security programs that are responsible for the protection of a company’s network and systems. While working in this field, you may be responsible for the constant update of systems in response to sophisticated hacking programs and viruses, creating new software that is more beneficial, and reacting efficiently in the event of a cyber attack.

  • Salary – $90,120 on average per year (BLS; 2015).
  • Growth – 18% from 2014-2024 (BLS; 2015).

This career field typically demands more responsibility from professionals, due to the sensitive nature of organizational information.

Security Architect

Security architects are primarily responsible for building security networks for organizations. If you decide to work in this field, you may find yourself designing public key infrastructures, testing security structures, or supervising a team of security specialists.

  • Salary – $100,240 on average per year (BLS; 2015).
  • Growth – 9% from 2014-2024 (BLS; 2015).

From a distance standpoint, security architects are the leading providers of security support for large organizations, from planning of initial programs to the monitoring process that follows.

The degree is dynamic and so are the career paths you can take. You should understand what each degree option offers and what format works best for you (online versus campus-based).